We, Autocart E-Commerce Private Limited, a Company formed as per the laws of India having its registered office at Flat No: 302, 3rd Floor Elite Residency, Matha Bhuvaneshwari Society Hi-Tech City Main Road, opposite: Bharat Petrol Pump, Madhapur – 500081, have created this policy to ensure transparency with regards to same. If You have any queries or concerns regarding this policy, You may contact Our Customer Support Desk at [.] ANY CAPITALIZED WORDS USED HENCEFORTH SHALL HAVE THE MEANING ACCORDED TO THEM UNDER THIS POLICY. FURTHER, ALL HEADING USED HEREIN ARE ONLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF ARRANGING THE VARIOUS PROVISIONS OF THE POLICY IN ANY MANNER. NEITHER THE USER NOR THE CREATORS OF THIS REFUND POLICY MAY USE THE HEADING TO INTERPRET THE PROVISIONS CONTAINED WITHIN IT IN ANY MANNER. 


(a) “We”, “Our”, “Us”, “the Company” And “Autocart E-Commerce” shall mean and refer to the creators of this refund policy.

(b) “Website” shall mean, which is owned and operated by the Company

(c) “You”, “Your”, “Yourself” and “User” shall mean and refer to natural and legal individuals who use the Website

(d) “Third Parties” refer to any Website, website, company or individual apart from the User and the creator of the Website. 


Following are the timelines as followed by the Company, the Seller must ensure that such timelines are met. In the event such timelines are not met, the Seller shall be penalized an amount of Rs [.] , further, repeated failures may lead to the termination of the Seller’s Virtual Shop at the sole discretion of the Company.

i. The typical time taken to dispatch a shipment is 0-2 days, 95% of the products are shipped within 2-3 days.

ii. In a few cases, there may be a 5-25 days delay due to factors outside of the purview of the Company’s control. For example, when the order involves a rare product, which takes time to be manufactured and sent to the Company, or when the product involves the importation of the same.

iii. In the event there is a delay that entails a duration longer than 5 days, the Company’s Customer Support Team (reachable at: [email protected], where you can direct Customer Queries to as well) will update You of the same.